Individual Counseling

  • Are you going through a difficult time and need someone to help you through it?
  • Do you need someone to talk to who can listen and help guide you along the path to healing?
  • Would you like to speak with someone who makes it a commitment to keep your conversations confidential?

At Christian Counselors of Mooresville (CCM), your counselor will work with you based on the information you provide regarding your history.  As a team, the counselor and the client will create goals and treatments appropriate to healing past wounds and over-coming difficult issues.

While at CCM, your counselor will help you see where any past hurts could be effecting your life today, and help you to overcome any defense mechanisms you have set up to protect yourself.  Many times, we become conditioned to these coping methods, and we do not realize how we hurt ourselves and even others with them.

Your counselor will help you cope with past hurts and work with you to help heal them.  As healing takes place, a healthier lifestyle will take place, replacing the hurts from the past with growth.

Some of the issues that we help with are:

    • Depression

    • Career/Job Issues

    • Trauma/PTSD

    • Dealing with Childhood Wounds

    • Spiritual Formation & Development

    • Child & Adolescent Issues

    • Divorce & Separation

    • Stress Management

    • Life Enrichment

    • Anxiety

    • Finances

    • Coping with Change of Life Issues

    • Healing from the Past

    • Women’s Issues

    • Men’s Issues

    • Grief & Loss

    • Parenting

    • Communication Skills

*All sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $90 per session.

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